Thursday, 18 December 2014

Life Book 2015

18th December, 2014

Since my daughter's death in March this year, I have been a lost soul. On the 16th or this month, her birthday, she would have been 44. I've discovered grief is a long, on-going process and even with family around me I felt isolated and alone.

Then I came upon read and about Tam, her art and the various art courses she teaches.

I took her free course  "Art, Heart& Healing" a true exercise in healing. I recommend it to one and all. It's on ongoing course and open to everyone and available at:

 Willowing - a happy place for making art!

When I saw she was doing another year-long, Life Book 2015. I knew I had found help for my grief . I signed up immediately and January, 2015 is just a few weeks away.

I am not an artist, I have trouble drawing a basic oval but I am allowing myself to trust my soul's response to my pencil and colours.

My dearest daughter, will be guiding my hand, watching me.....